AUGUST: Jon-Erik Joseph Rodrigue

Since summer is coming to an end we needed a special fan of the month for you guys. So we gladly present to you our August Fan of the Month Mr. Jon-Erik Joseph Rodrigue! Jon-Erik is from Larose, La. And he works in the oil field. His favorite music comes out of our own beautiful state, these bands include: The Dad Horse Experience, Dax Riggs, Brother Dege, Bipoloroid, King Louis Missing Monuments, Those Poor Bastards, Rachel Brooke, Tess Brunet, Saul Williams, Tom Waits, & Marc Bolan. Just too name a few. Jon-Erik enjoys passing his time by playing around with a lot of different instruments. He currently owns a banjo, acoustic guitar and home made electric diddley bow (WOW). His other hobbies entail trying to juggle life between his wife and two beautiful daughters along with the music he loves is about all he can make time for. Oh and sports! He is a proud member of the Who Dat Nation! Cant forget to show some love to the Pelicans as well. “The first time I went to the blue moon was a few years ago with my friend Jake to see Dax Riggs and I just fell in love with the atmosphere of the place. Love the fact that the bands basically play on your back porch and most of the time stay at the blue moon after playing. My favorite part of the whole experience is that there are so many different types of bands/artists that play there and the people are so friendly.” Well Jon-Erik we want to thank you for such kind words and thank you for all your support over the years. WE LOVE YOU JON-ERIK RODRIGUE!!

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