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Office Hours

Monday-Sunday: 8am-1pm and 5pm-10pm

Office Hours are subject to change. Please call ahead! We close the office (but not the guesthouse) on major, overly-commercialized holidays and some lesser known ones too – please call ahead 5pm – check in 11am – check out

*Please note that often you’ll find someone in charge and on premises outside of office hours.  If you desperately NEED assistance outside of office hours, we can be flexible.

Booking & Promotions

Mark Falgout


If you are interested in performing at the Blue Moon, kindly send an e-mail to with the required information:


*A link to your website and/or Facebook page

*Two (2) pictures of your band

*A short description of your band, and the type of music you perform


Please DO NOT send us bulky press kits through the mail. Remember, we receive several submissions each week. If we feel that your group would be a good fit at the Blue Moon, we will contact you.


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