Erin grew up in Monroe, Louisiana where she had a promising career in scooping ice cream and teenage angst. She moved to Lafayette in 2005 to study French at UL and has stuck around pretty much ever since. Soon after arriving, she wandered into the Blue Moon for the first time for a Cajun jam because she heard it was a “really cool bar in the middle of a neighborhood and people speak French there”. Now she can safely assume if someone recognizes her from somewhere, it’s probably from partying at the Moon. She can typically be seen here pulling up on her bike for Tuesday night yoga, or fan-girling at the front of the stage for Feufollet. She also performs at the Blue Moon on occasion as Lafayette’s favorite go-go dancer with her band Isle Dernière.

Her favorite things about Blue Moon are purse hooks under the bar and $1 Schlitz. She would also like to shout out to Nicole and Mark being two of Lafayette’s biggest supporters of French in Louisiana. Erin’s favorite bands are Mates of State and Neutral Milk Hotel. Her hobbies include sending post cards, playing accordion while no one is around to hear, and collecting miniature versions of regular-sized things. She enjoys sitting on roofs and in big windows, riding in trains, Godard movies, exotic fruit and vintage clothing. Erin is also a total geek for translating, and hopes to one day ride in a hot air balloon.

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