Brass Mimosa

10:30 PM Fri Jul 28, 2017 - Sat Jul 29, 2017

What once started as an idea for a blues rock band gradually formed into the funky grooves of Brass Mimosa. Featuring Jack Langlinais on drums, Jaron Marshall on keys, Ethan Mould on alto sax, Alex Camel on bass, Blake Pujol on guitar, Eddie Müller on trombone, and Olatunde Soyombo on baritone sax, Brass Mimosa, like most local bands, comes from humble beginnings in their town of Lafayette, Louisiana. They’ve grown to perform for larger audiences and festivals in the region and have had the pleasure of opening for several national touring acts such as Snarky Puppy, Shaun Martin, Herman Astro and Eyes Lips Eyes.