Sarcotics and Durwood

10:00 PM Fri Dec 22, 2017 - Sat Dec 23, 2017

Join us for a night of GREAT music as Durwood opens for Sarcotics!

Durwood is a Lafayette Louisiana based Alternative Country/Americana outfit.

What happens when an Austin Texas boy, Ben Pickett relocates to Lafayette Louisiana and embraces the entire music Scene? After a brief stint playing with the legendary Butchers or performing solo as “Mouthwash” Pickett, he elects to front his own Americana group, Durwood. Recruiting the drum skills of Chris Deshazo (Frigg-A-Go-Go, Brother Dege, Lost Bayou Ramblers, Black Joe Lewis) and the bass finesse of Jeremy Steward (Frigg-A-Go-Go). Durwood has created a timeless mix of melodic songwriting combined with some old school country class.

Causing quite a stir when they left the Mithraic Temple to become “of this world”, the band now known as Sarcotics are no strangers to hordes of howling celebrants writhing in ecstasy to the sounds pulsating from their fingertips. Even though they have taken their music into the public sphere, they have managed to maintain the defining characteristics of their musical youth. Rising from the ashes of their original twelve piece secular endeavor- “The Pillars” (a reference to Temple gates), the four veteran members added new blood into the fold with keyboardist Austin Saucier, who although a practicing Zoist, has fit in nicely. Sarcotics strive to arouse long dormant threads in the pre-anthropocene mind. It is not uncommon for participants to experience glossolalia and/or sacred dance as the music awakens them from their lifetime of Sisyphratic monotony. For maximum effect, attendees are encouraged to arrive thirsty, draped only in cloth of natural fibers, and having performed “The Seven Hour Purification”. Those bearing the mark of “The Thirteen” will most assuredly receive a special rock and roll blessing.

Sarcotics is a rock band featuring members Austin, Jean, Matt, Pudd, and Ron. They will be performing “Christmas at the Zoo” in its entirety. Wear comfortable shoes and come ready to dance.