J Burton (FREE SHOW)

9:30 PM Thu Jul 20, 2017

After a three-year stint as a dirty townie in Athens, GA, J Burton moved back home to Lafayette in 2004 and started a little folk band called Dire Wood. The band grew into to a five piece fully electrified rock main-stay and their 2008 release The Escape charted on college radio stations across the US. Then in 2009, inspired by the quirky rock of Brian Eno, J started the bombastic indie-pop group FIGHTs. That band’s 2013 release, Music For Villains, reached #1 in several markets upon its release. In February 2016, he was the Rhum Room’s Featured Artist of the Month. Catch him live on the honky-tonk stage!


“Each Thursday in July I’ll be doing a solo set at the Blue Moon starting around 9/9:30pm. Each set will focus on a different era of my long and winding musical journey that I’ve been on since I moved back home from Athens in 2004. July 6th I’ll be doing songs from the Dire Wood catalog, July 13th I’ll do FIGHTs stuff, on the 20th I’ll do the songs from the band Talker, plus the solo stuff that I worked up last year. Then on the 27th Grand Nathaniel and the Ghosts (full band) will do a special set with a whole brand new Ghost. Even I am often confused by my own career and some of the odd choices I’ve made, and some of the unavoidable circumstances that have forced me to pivot, so this is definitely as much an excercise for me as it is entertainment for those few fans (that I hold in very high regard) that have stuck with me since the very start. Maybe this will help make sense of it all (probably not).” -Grand Nathaniel
Poster by Burton Durand.