LoveBomb Go-Go and Marina Orchestra

10:00 PM Fri Oct 20, 2017 - Sat Oct 21, 2017

LoveBomb Go-Go:
Genre-Smashing Horn-Driven Intergalactic Glam Performance Band
Zen Anderson- Zenophone, Frenchorn, Kitty Hoochieson- Baritone Sax, Bhajan Kester – Percussion, Vocals,
Mars – Saxes, Bass Guitar, Vocals, Sousaphone, Bandleader/Manager,
Tim McCarthy – Trombone, Jackie Madsen – Percussion,
Jason Misner – Percussion,
Wendy Ponte – Magic Making Maven,
Nick Porter – Alto Sax,
Shampton – Tenor Sax, Vocals, Bill “Goldfinger” Rhodes- Trumpet,
Carter Thaxton – Trumpet,
Paul “Notorious” Waddlington- Mellophone,
Rita Yelverton- Trumpet, vocals

Marina Orchestra:
There was once a house named The Marina. It wasn’t very large, or very well kept, but it did have a very big wooden deck hanging off the back. That house has since been completely obliterated in a boating accident, but in its heyday, it was home to Marina Orchestra. The “Orchestra” half of the name is derived from worldwide giants like Orchestra Baobab, Orchestre Poly Rythmo, and yes, even Electric Light Orchestra. All are groups that have heavily informed the musical styling of project founder, Justin Powers. Yet despite the shout-out built into the band name, Marina Orchestra has carved out its own unique brand of music that is now aptly called Trop n’ Roll. Trop n’ Roll is call-and-response style vocals, ringing out over a driving four-on-the-floor kick drum, while a reverb-laden guitar strikes out a clave beat. Congas and shakers weave out poly-rhythms, Trumpets and Trombones punctuate the groove, and deep down beneath it all lives the melodic Bass lines holding it all down. It approaches Reggae without ever quite hitting it on the nose. It gives a nod to Caribbean Soca and West African Highlife without the guardrails to be labeled as such. It rocks out when it wants to, but always brings it back to that tropical sentiment.