Magic Crawfish & Wumbo Mardi Gras Cookout

8:00 PM Tue Feb 13, 2018

It’s time for the ultimate Voodoo Seafood experience. Jim Nail and the Pirogue Engineers will gather once again at the Blue Moon for Mardi Gras night!
The show will be $5 at the door. However, as our Mardi Gras gift to you, each door charge will get you ONE FREE BOWL OF CHICKEN & SAUSAGE GUMBO prepared by the Magic Crawfish team. You thought it would be seafood? That’s gross. We’re not cannibals.
JOINING US will be Wumbo from Baton Rouge. Come see the Wumbo, eat the Gumbo.


In case you are traveling, have loved ones traveling, or would just like to have a stay-cation then please consider staying with us over at the Blue Moon. We have many rooms and even a private bungalow.