Major Handy

10:00 PM Sat Sep 23, 2017 - Sun Sep 24, 2017

With his deep Creole accent, boundless energy, and enough talent to play just about any instrument he can get his hands on, Major’s music is always fun and full of surprises! His guitar playing is clean and bluesy and he uses the accordion to punch up his sound. Handy’s voice reflects his South Louisiana heritage, with Creole liberally present.

Otis Redding originally tried to get Major’s mom to let him join his band when Major was 15; however, his mom said no. Not long after, zydeco legends Rockin’ Dopsie and Stanley ‘Buckwheat’ Dural both asked Major to play guitar in their bands. Major said yes and ended up working with Rockin’ Dopsie for 12 years and with Buckwheat for about a year.

Major has toured much of the world and fronted a number of his own bands throughout his 40 years in music. Even with his big reputation among other musicians, his experience on the road, and his records, he has remained an obscure figure for many blues and zydeco fans.

Major has become a master of the piano accordion and developed a warm, evocative vocal style. He prefers to play where and when he wants to and operates his Handy’s Auto Sales and Body Shop during the day.