Sassyfras, Jim & Mandy, and Jackie Stars

9:00 PM Fri Jan 05, 2018 - Sat Jan 06, 2018

Space is the last frontier! Join me on a journey around the planets with my good friend T-Rex, and The Sasshay Dancers, as we explore life on Venus, hang with Mama Sassyfras, and marvel at the story of Roswell, New Mexico, 1947, the summer of the alien invasion! This is an all new original space score with projections, costumes, props, a little bit of magic!

Bring your Galactic Buddy, your Sector 9 Sweetie, wear your fav space casual attire, and come on out to the spectacle!

Here is my new T-Rex Video:

Joining me is Jim and Mandy, here is their video:

And Jackie Stars, their video: