July: Edward Cutrer Watson

July is an explosive month and with that being said we needed an explosive fan of the month! And without further delay we present to you Mr. Edward Cutrer Watson! Ed was born and raised here in Lafayette on what used to be the south side but is now mid city. He has been living walking distance from The Moon for years though making skipping out on events at the Blue Moon near impossible. Edward enjoys a wide variety of music and jams music like ABBA to Zappa, although he says old traditional Cajun music is nice, so is the Grateful Dead! Let it be known that Edward is also a pretty kick ass cook! He loves to travel as much as possible with MLS and catch Furthur shows in Colorado and San Francisco area. For those of you that don’t know Furthur is made up of the surviving Grateful Dead members and a few of their friends just doing their thing! But according to him “everyone needs a little Black Sabbath in their lives!” Ed has worked offshore since 1990 and loves it! Any water sports like wake skating or wake boarding. There is also no better way to pass the time than Duck hunting in Gueydan at the Honey Hole or waiting for a fish to bite. Cold local beer, good food, and close friends are necessities for a good time. The first show he ever saw at the Blue Moon was the Weary Boys back when The Moon first opened. “I love the fact I live close but so there are no DUI to worry about!;)) Close nit and personal is the best part if the moon!” “Get outside people and do something! Love to travel too!! Peace and love brah!” We also cant forget to mention that “Grateful Ed” likes to run the roads of the Blue Moon with his trusty partner in crime and mutt, Stella, who is probably more recognizable than he is! Well Mr. Ed we are honored to have you in our hall of fame with all the other stellar Fans of the Month and we cant wait to have you back inside our doors. WE LOVE YOU EDWARD WATSON!

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