Live Music Keeps Getting Better!

It’s pretty much official, and has been for quite some time. Acadiana on any given weekend (even without a festival) has over 50 live music shows in a weekend on an easy average. It is pretty much getting to the point that you could probably find some live music during a hurricane in Lafayette, LA.

From Metal, to Zydeco, to Indie, Country, Acoustic shows, Great Restaurant Trio Setups, Blues, Dance Clubs, Cajun, French, Folk Brunches, Favorite 80 – 90′s rock covers we have it all, and it seems to be growing every day! If you love live music, you are probably smiling while reading this. But it is literally true; if there is a weekend in Acadiana with nothing happening, we create one. We even experienced a dance off to “Beat It” this weekend at Scandals. At Live And Local, we can’t be any happier to be the source for live music in this awesome area for bringing you the sounds you love. If you live here, you have been influenced in some way by live music. And if you are moving here, you will.

Thank you to all local live music fans, people, booking managers, sound engineers, bartenders, owners, and best of all musicians for making this area what it is. Because “It is what it is” Because of you!

See you on the “List of the Week” to find all thats happening in Acadiana! And Musicians we invite you any day at any time to add your own shows to the calendar by scrolling to the bottom and hitting “add your event” The second you add it your info, it is there. Click here

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