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Dec, 15 2013

Downtown Awards Winner!

When you work, live or spend any time in Downtown Lafayette, you quickly learn the convenience and fun that surrounds you just a few steps away from wherever you are. Every Downtowner has a favorite restaurant, bar or even a little secret Downtown spot that they love! You have voted to show those people and businesses how much you appreciate their contribution to making Downtown and Lafayette a cooler, cultural […]

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Dec, 10 2013

November Ft. Artist of the Month: Jesse Dayton

Jesse started playing music when he was 15 down in Beaumont TX where I was born. Lot’s of honky tonk music, R&B and of course Cajun music cuz we we’re so close to the Louisiana border.  “My Dad went to high school w/ George Jones, seem like there was always music some country music singer from Texas be it Jones, Willie or Lefty Frizzell playing a show in town. 1st […]

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Nov, 12 2013


Erin grew up in Monroe, Louisiana where she had a promising career in scooping ice cream and teenage angst. She moved to Lafayette in 2005 to study French at UL and has stuck around pretty much ever since. Soon after arriving, she wandered into the Blue Moon for the first time for a Cajun jam because she heard it was a “really cool bar in the middle of a neighborhood […]

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Aug, 15 2013

AUGUST: Jon-Erik Joseph Rodrigue

Since summer is coming to an end we needed a special fan of the month for you guys. So we gladly present to you our August Fan of the Month Mr. Jon-Erik Joseph Rodrigue! Jon-Erik is from Larose, La. And he works in the oil field. His favorite music comes out of our own beautiful state, these bands include: The Dad Horse Experience, Dax Riggs, Brother Dege, Bipoloroid, King Louis […]

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Jul, 15 2013

July: Edward Cutrer Watson

July is an explosive month and with that being said we needed an explosive fan of the month! And without further delay we present to you Mr. Edward Cutrer Watson! Ed was born and raised here in Lafayette on what used to be the south side but is now mid city. He has been living walking distance from The Moon for years though making skipping out on events at the […]

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Jun, 15 2013

June: Leslie Parker Bienvenu

This is Leslie Parker Bienvenu! Leslie is from the greatest place in the world she says, Lafayette!

Leslie taught second grade for two years and is currently Rusted Rooster’s “Mrs. Fix-It” while pursuing her passion in repurposing/building furniture, painting, and making jewelry.

She is an avid bike rider, loves thrifting, listening to live music, crafting, hanging in her hammock, and having meaningful conversations (probably on a porch).

Favorite bands include […]

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May, 15 2013

May: Bobby Davidson

May is a pretty special month since it starts off Summer time so we needed a pretty special individual to highlight for our May Fan of the Month.  And we present to you Bobby Davidson! His favorite bands include The Flaming Lips, Daft Punk, Primus, & anything Jack White has a part of.  On a local level his favorites include Lost Bayou Ramblers, Brass Bed, Feofullet, Royal Teeth, & the Givers.

Bobby […]

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Apr, 15 2013

April: Ray Patrick

Here in Blue Moon World we are blessed with some of the most unique and amazing guests.  They are so special that we felt the need to do special segments each month so you can get to know them just as well! The month of April is claimed by Mr. Ray Patrick!

Ray was born in Youngstown Ohio, went to De Vry Tech in Chicago after high school, and moved […]

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